Luigi Cappugi

City: Basel, Switzerland

Current Positions: European Marketing Manager at Straumann Group

What will his workshop be about?

"Design & properties of the Straumann® BLX System: Dynamic Bone Management leading to Clinical Success"

As patient expectation rise, so does the need for immediacy. And with that also the concerns and demands of immediate implant placement. It’s all about speed, affordability, efficiency, esthetics and clinical outcomes.

With the launch of the BLX system, Straumann goes beyond immediacy thanks to groundbreaking implant benefits and bio-physiological design, providing clinicians with the confidence of predictable outcomes backed by the strong legacy of Straumann, THE confidence brand.

The message we send to dentist and the market: We know your challenge. We believe in you. We partner with you. We make you fit for more, faster, better treatment outcomes

The workshop will include:

  • Product introduction
  • Case presentations
  • Hands-on: Immediate treatment protocols using the new Straumann BLX systemDigital Dentistry: Now or Never? Intraoral Scanning and 3D Printing

Who is Luigi Cappugi?

Luigi is a Mechanical Engineer (MSc) passionate about innovation, technology and marketing.  He started his professional career in the Orthopaedic industry and acquired broad background experience working in different Marketing and Product Managements roles, in Italy, Australia and Switzerland.

He joined Straumann in 2016 as Global Product Manager, driving the market launch of the Straumann Angled Solution.

In March ’18 he changed to his current role as Straumann Regional Marketing Manager, coordinating all the European marketing initiatives related to the Straumann brand, including the Biomaterial portofolio, with strong focus on market introduction and commercialization.