Sevim Canlar

City: Langenfeld, Germany

Academic qualifications: Dr. med. dent

Specialization: Implantology

Current Positions: Private Practice and CEO of BeDental Marketing

What will her workshop be about?

"Build your own Digital Personality: A Workshop on Practice Marketing with a Dental Influencer"

Who is Sevim Canlar?

  • 2009 - 2016 Graduation from the Faculty of Dentistry, Charite University of Berlin
  • 2016 Postdoctoral research in sleep medicine, Charite University of Berlin
  • 2016 - 2018 Assistant doctor in private practice
  • 2017 CEO and Founder of the Marketing Agency "BeDental Marketing" since
  • 2017 CEO and Founder of WOD Academy World of Dentistry with 326.000 Follower on Facebook and 60.000 on Instagram.

I am passionate at organizing profitable online campaigns, dental events with using facebook as a marketing channel and generating new patients for dental practices with online marketing. Why the obsession with marketing? There are three main reasons I love marketing: people, technology, and creativity.