Straumann® CARES®
C series

Precision meets power.

CARES® C series is robust and compact 4-axis wet milling and grinding equipment for in-house processing, especially designed to provide reliable and predictable precision when milling glass ceramic and hybrid materials for a wide variety of indications. It comes equipped with intelligent 4-axis technology and improves the daily practice routine in terms of efficiency and productivity.

  • Efficiency

    Reduction of grinding times by up to 60%.

  • Precision

    Highly efficient processing of hybrid materials with maximum precision.

  • Patient comfort

    Patients profit from shorter and fewer visits, safer procedures with more powerful diagnostic tools and improved clinical outcomes.

  • Flexibility

    Wide variety of indications, restorative options and materials

  • Usability

    Compact design plus features such as internal lighting, cooling circuit and protection against dust, chips and liquids.

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