ITI Nurses Course


About the course

SAC Classification: straightforward - Advanced Level

6.5 hours CPD

This interactive course can be taken as a one or two day course. Ideally newcomers would benefit from attending both days, through which they will gain a comprehensive introduction to implant dentistry based on ITI principles. Nurses who already have experience should attend day two which is aimed at expanding their knowledge and skills in implant dentistry.

Learning targets


Day 1 | Foundation

  • To undersand patient assessment for dentistry including history taking, examination radiography model analysis and photography
  • An overview of dental implant design
  • How to utilise risk assessment in implant dentistry using the ITI SAC Classification
  • To gain an understanding of restoratively driven treatment planning
  • To gain an understanding of equipment and procedures required in placing dental implants including aseptic surgical protocol


Day 2 | Advanced 

  • To gain a basic knowledge of guided bone regeneration and sinus lift procedures
  • How to handle complications in implant dentistry, remedial treatment and how to discuss disappointments and bad news with patients
  • To understand the importance of patient care and customer service in building an implant practice
  • To understand the process of informed patient consent and documentation
  • To understand the role of treatment coordinators in implant practices


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