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Turning ideas into innovations

Straumann has always been a pioneering force in implant dentistry and still is a leading innovator in the field. Our history is full of developments that have defined industry standards and created opportunities for dental professionals, patients and the company itself. We continue to be a leading contributor to research in the field and invest to ensure a constant flow of projects in our pipeline – see also: Awards & Recognition

For us, meaningful innovation is the successful commercialization of an idea or combination of ideas.  Over time, product, process and solution innovations have proven to be the key drivers of Straumann’s global success. The inspiration to turn a multitude of ideas into marketable solutions that address increasing consumer needs comes from various sources:

  • The constant internal exchange of ideas between the Straumann Group companies in the areas of product management, product marketing, operations, production, and R&D.
  • Continuous market screening, including scouting at dental congresses/trade fairs and observing other industries for insight into new trends and developments.

We have established 7 strategic clusters for scouting areas where we want to hear from you. We encourage researchers, clinicians, dental lab technicians, customers and potential customers to submit your idea to our Innovation portal in all privacy. 

Submitting your ideas is very simple