Enhancing women leadership at the Straumann Group

Diversity is a topic we care for as a diverse team adds value and supports our ability to serve an increasingly diverse customer base.

At the Straumann Group, we monitor diversity with regard to age, gender, origin and educational background. Gender diversity is generally strong, with 45% female employees. We have 31% of women in management and leadership positions – growing steadily over the past years – however, we wish unleash the power of women in leadership even more.

While our company had already taken action to strengthen diversity in the industry through “WIN” – our “Women in Dentistry” initiative – we have now also embarked on a Straumann Group initiative to further improve diversity with women in leadership roles. To this end, we joined Advance, a network for women in Swiss business with the mission to actively increase the share of women in leading positions in Swiss companies on an ongoing basis.

At the end of May 2018, Petra Rumpf, our Head of Dental Services Organization Business Unit, hosted the first “Straumann Women Workshop” in Basel (Switzerland) with 30 inspired and engaged female colleagues from our Swiss Headquarters in Basel and from our Villeret production site. 

Three male colleagues were invited to participate: they felt the energy and engagement during the workshop. In lively debates, a range of topics were discussed with two major goals: to leverage the potential of women at the Straumann Group and to offer an attractive environment for women to develop and grow. Working styles, structures, processes, leadership, emotions, conflicts, opportunities, risks and chances – nothing was left out. Aside praising what works fine today, all participants agreed that more can be done. This workshop was just an overture, there is much more to come.

It was inspiring, thoughtful and timely. We’ll keep the energy on a high. Important: This is not a women-only initiative. Our male Straumann colleagues will be invited to join the journey, share ideas and jointly strive to enhance gender balance. This is also part of our Player-Learner-Mindset, a core element of our company culture.