Marketing Excellence Award

Superheroes in Marketing

The Marketing Excellence Award identifies and celebrates outstanding and successful marketing campaigns and people across Europe. You’ll get exposure for your project while communicating the value of what you're doing to the Straumann organization. 


Three categories have been set up:
1. Excellence in Marketing
2. Excellence for Future Innovative Ideas
3. Marketer of the Year

The first two categories are open to applications. No application is required for the third category, “Marketer of the Year”.


Applications will be judged by a respected panel of Straumann senior managers, based on a number of criteria:

1. Reason for campaign

  • Clear problem statement and business rational

2. Solution (including marketing outputs)

  • Creativity and engagement
  • Clear solution and strategy statement including aims, objectives, budget and timeline
  • Solid implementation strategy

3. Results (marketing outcomes)

  • Measurability of the results
  • Achievement of aims and objectives on time and within budget
  • Clear evaluation of the project using measurements such as the number of new customers, added value to the organization, return on investment, impact on net sales or digital marketing metrics (Google Analytics). 

The prize

The winners’ names will be announced on February 15, 2018. Marketing Excellence Award recipients will celebrate their achievements on a weekend getaway. In addition, the winners in the “Excellence for Future Innovative Ideas” category will be awarded with what they need, to make their initiative happen.


Fill in the online form for one of the two categories by December 31, 2017.