Our culture

The Straumann Group unites global reach, experience and innovation with passion and a commitment for uncompromising quality, making enhanced dental healthcare available and accessible to customers and patients around the globe.

Vision: More than creating smiles, restoring confidence – we want to be the partner of choice in esthetic dentistry.

Confidence relates to all our activities; it is built on trust, integrity, respect, communication, transparency, collaboration and delivering what we promise. For our customers, it means peace of mind, because our solutions are predictable and durable. For our employees, confidence means secure, rewarding jobs. For our shareholders, it means sustainable returns from a highly ethical business. For the communities in which we operate, it means that we care for the world around us as a responsible corporate citizen. For all our stakeholders it means that the Straumann Group is a reliable partner.

We want to be the first place that people come to do business, to find genuine solutions, to turn ideas into reality, to learn, master, succeed and improve lives. This is what being the partner of choice means for us.


People and culture are the Straumann Group’s greatest assets; they are the keys to high performance and sustainable success. We strive for a culture that builds trust and collaboration, fosters diversity, embraces change, promotes agility, learning and innovation, creates opportunities, allows people to make mistakes and encourages them to take both responsibility and ownership. The fundamental driver of this culture is the player-learner mindset, which we seek to inspire and nurture in every employee.


Our strategy is built on three strategic priorities: driving our high performance Straumann Group culture and organization; targeting unexploited growth markets and segments; and expanding our scope to become a total solution provider for esthetic dentistry.

Making vision a reality

The way to a sustainable future is mapped out in our three ‘strategic priorities.  Making it happen is a matter of culture and behavior.

  • Vision – Why we want to achieve it

    More than creating smiles – restoring confidence. We want to be the partner of choice in esthetic dentistry

  • Culture – How we want to achieve it

    Player-learner mindset and core behaviors

  • Strategy – What we want to achieve

    Strategic priorities & initiatives