Dental Ceramist


17. Jan 2019


Arlington - USA






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    Position Summary:
    Applies Porcelain to Full Contour Zirconia restorations, Green states zirconia work, loads sintering ovens and curing ovens, pre-sintered staining, and applies external stain and glaze. Conducts fit/ finish tests and other quality inspections to ensure product specifications and tolerance levels are met.

    Responsibilities of the Position:
    • Ability to work from customer models and interpret specifications to deliver the best custom device and finished product for that application.
    • Inspect parts as they are produced including microscopic inspection.
    • Makes sure finished goods quality is appropriate to requirements.
    • Careful handling and processing of customer property and finished goods to avoid damage.
    • Close verbal and written communication with the customer throughout the order process.

    Other Duties:
    • Strictly adhere to documented process and procedures.
    • Other duties as assigned by management.


    Minimum Qualifications:
    • Start-to-finish proficiency in all aspects of Ceramics
    • Ceramic Skill necessary to include build-up, grind-in, contour, anatomy, contacts and metal/porcelain margins
    • Able to do all aspects of ceramic work with the various systems used in the ceramic department
    • A good understanding of anatomy and ideal tooth morphology for full mouth restorations (high precision)
    • A good eye for aesthetics
    • Thorough understanding of morphology and functional design in both anterior and posterior restoration essential for full arch/mouth cases
    • Pink porcelain application.
    • Strong(start to finish) case management experience is a must
    • Excellent eyesight and visual acuity
    • Ability to inspect and work using a microscope
    • Excellent hand-eye coordination
    • Ability to work with small high quality parts and recognize detail

    Required Knowledge and Skills:
    • High School Diploma
    • Minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience in dental laboratory operations
    • Current CDT required
    • Excellent organizational skills and the ability to multi-task effectively
    • Computer literacy in Microsoft Windows and/or Lotus Notes
    • Excellent communication skills including verbal and written
    • Time management and organizational skills
    • Capable of creative thinking and problem solving
    • Able to accept teaching and guidance
    • Work well independently and with others