Unbenanntes Dokument Portrait
Unbenanntes Dokument Portrait

It’s time for education. We are boosting our online education offering for you:

  • New live webinars on Straumann Group CampusLive
  • COVID-19 implications for dentistry. Science and beyond
  • Clinical expertise and interviews with leading experts
  • WIN Desert Island Topics: a 12 week program brought to you by WINs from around the world with their selection of top eLearning items for each week
  • Straumann® Smart now open for a 2 months free trial featuring more than one hundred clinical contents including practice and business management. 
  • ITI@Home: Get free access to the entire ITI eLearning content until April 30, 2020
  • Latest scientific evidence in implant dentistry in condensed and easy to read formats

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