Centers of Dental Education (CoDE)

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CoDE stands for Center of Dental Education. These are independent dental clinics all over the world with excellent level of dental healthcare, most advanced treatment procedures and latest technology.

The clinics are carefully selected and collaborate closely with the Straumann Group. A CoDE applies the highest quality standards in clinical cases documentation and conducts cutting edge training and education activities, customized to the participants and focused on advanced patient care.

The professional training, lecturing and mentoring activities in the fields of oral rehabilitation and esthetic dentistry are conducted in a real-world clinical environment allowing the participants for a direct application into their daily practice.

CoDE in a nutshell

Program benefits

  • Community of independent dental clinics.

  • Selected clinics with highest quality and documentation standards.

  • Premium level of professional training, lecturing and mentoring.

  • Real-world clinical environment.

  • Tailor made education to participants.

Stakeholder benefits

  • Dental community benefits from a symbiotic evidence-based partnership of clinic, technology and education.

  • CoDE clinics benefit from a privileged access to innovation of the Straumann Group and to a unique global network.

  • Attendees benefits from leading edge education in real-world clinical environment and leading clinicians.

Interested to attend CoDE continuous education program?

If you are interested in education in one of the CoDE and want to benefit from the many highlights of the program contact us via this form and we’ll come back to you for more.

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