MDT Björn Roland


-September 2004 finish of the „Meisterprüfung“ Master Exam in Frankfurt
-January to March 2005 visit of the Osaka Ceramic Training Center (OCTC) in Osaka/Japan
-Also since 2005 international lectures and courses about Implantologie and Ceramic in over 20 countries
Since 2006 Director of „Virtual Implant Planing Gbr“ (a company for Interactive 3D Implant Planing
and Drilling Guides)
Since beginning 2009 owner and director of „Dental Design Schnellbächer&Roland GmbH&Co.KG“
-Autor of several National and International Publications with the topic Implant Prosthetic and Ceramic
member of the „dental excellence international Laboratory group“
President of the „FDZt - Association of digital dental technology „
since 2021 CEO of Dental Design Björn Roland GmbH