Univ Prof DDr Tepper Gabor MD DMD PhD


This presentation wants nothing less than change the way you see the potential of your own practice ! Immediate implantation is today a perfectly documented part of implant dentistry. However, placing an immediate implant is far more than inserting a screw into an empty socket. Over the past years lots of do´s and dont´s have been identified which decide over success or failure. This presentation will open the participants eyes for clinical opportunities offered by this technique and enhance their spectrum and number of cases treated. The understanding of all indications supported by evidence - based -literature sets the new standard of care with special emphasis on clinical details contributing to  the successful integration of immediate implantology into a modern dental practice - which is nowadays critical for full patient satisfaction and a prerequisite for economic success.

One of the major challenges in immediate implantology and immediate loading is to achieve sufficient initial primary stability. In this regard implant geometry and mechanical properties of the implant interacting with the alveolus are a key factor deciding over the feasibility of the whole concept. Once established immediate implantology will shorten the treatment and chairside times, save alveolar bone, spare the patient many augmentations, reduce the costs and give the specialist a market advantage against his competitors. The introduction of todays modern generation of implants to the market is a major game changer - which has widened the possibilities and opens new ways of thinking to push the limits even further. It will enhance the change of paradigm we have encountered in dental  implantology over the past decades from parallel walled implants to constantly more and more engaging - in the most positive terms agressive -  fixture designs.

Take-home-concepts  ready to apply lead through this presentation based on over 20 years of experience and more than 45k implants placed.


Univ Prof DDr Tepper Gabor MD DMD PhD
G. Tepper is a Doctor of Medicine and Dental Medicine
Professor of the Medical University of Vienna – Austria
Honorary Professor of the University of Szeged - Hungary
Private Practice specialized in implant surgery,  esthetic dentistry and oral surgery
Member of Collegium Sub Auspiciis ( Alumni awarded by the President of the Republic)
Over 350 invited national and international presentations about implant surgery, many scientific articles and book chapters published, over 12 national and international prizes and awards, reviewer for scientific journals.