Prof Dr med. dent. Julia Wittneben, PhD, MMedSc

Modern trends in implant prosthetics to support esthetic outcomes

The possibilities and expectations of achieving a successful functional and esthetic outcome have been raised with the evolution of implant designs, prosthetic components and dental materials. Even after a successful surgical approach, the prosthodontic finalization remains challenging. The overall focus of this lecture will remain on the presentation of a prosthetic treatment concept in esthetic sites more specifically, focusing on different indications, provisional phases, materials and abutment types. Especially the selection of implant abutments in the esthetic zone seems still challenging and has an influence on the final esthetic result. In addition a novel treatment for the edentulous mandible will be presented using short implants. All aspects of the lecture will be presented with reference to contemporary literature and own clinical studies. The objective of this lecture is therefore to provide a summary of the clinical evidence which is of relevance to the practitioner’s perspective of implant prosthetic treatment.