Dr Laurence Adriaens

Patients looking for the perfect smile trusting our knowledge in esthetic dentistry

When a patient comes to your practice it is of utmost importance to understand the need of the patient and the expectations they have. Listening to the patient is the very first thing we should do.

We need to establish a relationship so that we together can reach the goal they have in mind. Apart from their story we need to gather all the clinical information to explain to them what is feasible. Patients with high esthetic demands need to understand what they can expect regarding results according to the situation they are presenting.

If there is a clear communication between the dentist and the patient it is more likely the end result will be satisfying for both. And if we want to keep the treatment outcome stable over time we also have to explain to our patient the importance of regular check-ups. Esthetic dentistry is daily business for all of us but to be able to deliver the results the patient is looking for we have to be able to organize and plan very carefully each step we will be taking in this journey with our patient.