Our history

An impressive heritage built on strong values.

Straumann’s heritage of pioneering innovation spans more than six decades. For 50 years, we have channeled our expertise, experience, and creativity into dentistry, redefining the boundaries of possibility for dental professionals and patients. The journey continues and is more exciting than ever.

1954 – 2010

1954  | Straumann Research Institute founded in Waldenburg, Switzerland.

1964 | First implants for treating bone fractures.

1974 | One-stage procedure; first titanium hollow cylinder implant.

1980 | Foundation of the International Team for Implantology.

1986 | Soft-tissue-level implant.

1997 | Introduction of the Straumann® SLA® surface.

1998 | Initial Public Offering of Straumann.

1999 | Introduction of the Straumann® Synocta® Prosthetic System.

2002 | Acquisition of Biora, Sweden. Entry into biomaterials/tissue regeneration.

2004 | The Latin American Institute for Research and Dental Education was inaugurated.

2005 | Introduction of SLActive® implant surface

2007 | Acquisition of etkon in Germany – entry into CADCAM prosthetics.

2009 | Introduction of Roxolid® high strength implant material.

2011 – 2019

2011 | Investment in Dental Wings, Canada – entry into digital dentistry.

2012 | Straumann® acquires 49 % of Neodent®, Brazil’s leading implant maker – entry into value implant segment.

2013 | Entry into multiplatform prosthetics: investments in Medentika in Germany and Createch in Spain.

2014 | Partnership with biomaterials specialist botiss biomaterials in Germany.
Introduction of the Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant System.

2015 | Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant introduced.
Straumann® increases ownership of Neodent® to 100%

2016 | Straumann full prosthetics portfolio.
Indian implant manufacturer Equinox acquired.

2017 | Straumann Group established.
Entry into orthodontics with acquisitions of ClearCorrect™ in the US and Geniova in Spain.
30% stake acquired in Rapid Shape, German pioneer in 3D printing.
Controlling interest gained in Medentika.
Dental Wings fully acquired.

2018 | Stake in Createch increased to 100%.
Controlling stake in Taiwanese implant manufacturer T-Plus.
30% stake acquired in botiss biomaterials.
Investment in Dental Monitoring AI-enabled remote monitoring.
30% stake in Z-Systems, Swiss pioneer in ceramic implants.

2019 | Full acquisition of the Turkish implant company, Zinedent, and Anthogyr, the leading French implant manufacturer.
Controlling stake in Valoc, Swiss developer of implant prosthetic fixation devices.
Partnership with ZhenLi – entry into Chinese clear aligner market with Smyletech brand.