Investigator-initiated Studies


Thank you for your interest in working with Straumann to support medical research. Following our commitment to “More Than Creating Smiles: Restoring Confidence”, we want to be your partner of choice in esthetic dentistry. 

Close collaboration with dental professionals is a hallmark of Straumann’s success. To continue this tradition and facilitate the process of turning concepts into solutions, Straumann invites medical researchers to submit study proposals, which are received, reviewed and given feedback by a dedicated Research Screening Committee. The following are the types of research projects the committee reviews: 

  • Pre Clinical Studies
    Pre-clinical studies involve testing our products by mechanical, cellular or digital assays (in vitro studies) or by histological or surface-driven analysis (animal studies). 
  • Clinical Studies 
    An Investigator-Initiated Study (IIS) aims to test clinical hypothesis within the intended use of our products and solutions.  

Focus topics

Straumann encourages clinicians to submit study proposals targeting the following priority areas:

  1. Reduced invasiveness and improved efficiency treatment protocols including Straumann implants, prosthetics and biomaterials
  2. Prevention and management of biologic and technical complications and treatment protocols
  3. Digital technologies
  4. Analysis of retrospective databases, registries and data collections
Title/Description Primary Investigator(s) Primary Test Product Link to PubMed Abstract
Retrospective cohort study of 4,591 dental implants: analysis of risk indicators for bone loss and prevalence of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. French, David Tissue Level and Bone Level Straumann implants PMID 30644101
Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) of posterior single-implant crowns using digital workflows: A randomized controlled trial with a three-year follow-up. Joda, Tim Straumann digital workflow PMID 30144159
A Prospective Case-Control Clinical Study of Titanium-Zirconium Alloy Implants with a Hydrophilic Surface in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Machuca-Portillo, G. Tissue Level, Roxolid, SLActive PMID 28906508
Immediately Loaded Fixed Full-Arch Implant-Retained Prosthesis: Clinical Analysis When Using a Moderate Insertion Torque. Eckert, Steven Straumann ProArch, Bone Level Tapered, Roxolid, SLActive PMID 30703181
Enamel matrix derivative stabilizes blood clot and improves clinical healing in deep pockets after flapless periodontal therapy: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Graziani, Flippo Emdogain  PMID 30663788
Peri-implant Crestal Bone Changes Around Zirconia Implants in Periodontally Healthy and Compromised Patients. Kniha, Kristian Straumann PURE Ceramic Implant PMID 29028851
Evaluation of Bone Stability and Esthetic Results After Immediate Implant Placement Using a Novel Synthetic Bone Substitute in the Anterior Zone: Results After 12 Months. Barroso-Panella, Albert Bone Level, Roxolid, SLActive PMID 29447317
Implant survival and patient satisfaction of reduced diameter implants made from a titanium-zirconium alloy: A retrospective cohort study with 550 implants in 311 patients. Herrmann, Jan Bone Level, Roxolid, SLActive PMID 27765553
CAD/CAM implant crowns in a digital workflow: Five-year follow-up of a prospective clinical trial. Zitzmann, Nicola CAD/CAM crowns PMID 30362650
Comparison of Cemented vs Screw-Retained, Customized Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Assisted Manufacture Zirconia Abutments for Esthetically Located Single-Tooth Implants: A 10-Year Randomized Prospective Study. Romeo, Eugenio CAD/CAM abutments PMID 29624628