• Medentika®, a Straumann® Group brand, will initiate an administrative transition on June 4, 2018, resulting in slight changes to your customer experience including:
    • Updated Customer Service contacts
    • The implementation of the Straumann Group eShop featuring Medentika products, and other Straumann Group brands, to create simplicity in your ordering process
    • Straumann Group billing and invoicing on Medentika purchases

  • MEDENTIKA - Precision comes from responsibility

    Precision comes from responsibility
    Precision comes from responsibility

    Excellent prosthetic for all major implant systems.

MEDENTIKA supplies dental technicians, dentists and their patients with extremely precise IPS implants made in Germany, and exceptionally durable MPS components and abutments compatible with all major implant systems at reasonable prices.

Our products are the result of innovation.


MEDENTIKA on original

Original abutments enhanced. MEDENTIKA components on original implants. MEDENTIKA prosthetic components and abutments allow users to be flexible in implant prosthetics and cater to all major systems. This facilitates treatment, in particular in the case of patients with different implants. 

MEDENTIKA has character

"In 2005 we set out with an aim to bring excellent products to the market at a fair price. And we have succeeded.”

5 facts

  • Passion for precision

    MEDENTIKA staff are dedicated and committed to perfecting products.

  • Over 70 connections.

    Our wide range offers excellent prosthetics for all major implant systems.

  • Lifetime guarantee

    The warranty covers not only the quality and durability of the abutments – there is also a warranty on the implant from the respective manufacturer.

  • Made in Germany

    MEDENTIKA quality is where precision craftsmanship and industrial manufacturer enjoy a long tradition: in Germany. 

  • Manufacturer No. 1

    The number one for compatible, finished and customized prosthetic implant components.

MEDENTIKA is passion

"Knowledge and experience alone are not enough. If you want to achieve something, you need passion."