Multi Platform Systems

Excellent prosthetic for all major implant systems 


Our products are the result of innovation and of creative development, detailed expert know-how and exact market awareness. All MPS implant components and abutments are compatible with the major systems available on the market. 

  • Excellent precision

    The result will always be an abutment manufactured with the highest interface precision

  • Excellent price-performance ratio

    Uncompromising, exact and always economical

  • Comprehensive range of prosthetics

    Compatible with all major implant systems

  • Customized solutions

    Unique parts that are otherwise not available 

  • Clear design

    The customer has the same prosthetic interface for all series

MPS | Products

The high precision abutment range is versatile and clearly structured, whether for single-tooth, bridge or full-denture restorations.

MPS | Abutment types

Whether for single tooth, bridges or total prosthetic solutions, the range of high precision abutments is versatile, clearly structured and provides an end-to-end service.

  • Implant pick-up

    The implant pick-up is made with prefabricated, high precision impression posts with excellent rotational stability for open impression.

  • Temporary abutment

    Temporary abutments are ideal for easy, quick fabrication of multi-unit temporary restorations. The extremely reasonable purchase price makes this abutment even more attractive.

  • Standard abutment straight/angled

    Standard abutments are perfect for cementable crowns and bridges in the aesthetically demanding region. The choice of two gingival heights reduces customized modifications in the shoulder area and shortens the processing time.

  • Castable gold abutment

    The Castable gold abutment is highly versatile. Occlusally screw-retained single crowns, customized abutments for cementable bridge restorations and primary crowns for compensation of diverging implants in telescope crown work can be made with the cast-on technique. It consists of a prefabricated, castable platform made from a high-fusing precious metal alloy and a screw channel made of non-residual burnout plastic.

  • Rotating Castable gold abutment

    Occlusally screw-retained multi-unit restorations can be made with the aid of the cast-on technique. The rotating Castable gold abutment consists of a prefabricated platform made from a high-fusing precious metal alloy and a screw channel made of non-residual burnout plastic.

  • Solid abutment straight/angled

    The solid abutment can be used for cementable crowns, bridges  and telescope crown restorations. It is made of a titanium alloy and can be custom trimmed. This allows appropriate adaptation of the shape to compensate for divergences of the implant axis.

  • Titanium base for zirconium abutment

    MEDENTIKA titanium bases are suitable for a very wide range of indications and are available for all conventional implant systems. MEDENTIKA titanium bases are always original – regardless of whether they are used as rotating titanium bases for multi-unit restorations or indexed titanium bases with short or long chimneys for single-tooth restorations.

  • Scanbody 2. Generation

    The scanbodies are suitable for both intraoral and conventional use in a scanner. All scanbodies are manufactured from titanium, ensuring considerably higher precision and durability. The surface of the scanbody is covered with a special coating for optimum scanning. It is sterilisable and labelled. Scanbodies are required for use both as titanium bases and also for the design of customized MedentiCAD abutments.

  • MedentiCAD abutment

    Only 3 steps to a customized, one-piece abutment: 
    1. Scan  
    2. Construct  
    3. Send data

    Working with a CADCAM system from 3Shape, Dental Wings or Exocad allows you to construct your own customized abutments digitally with our free MedentiCAD library.

  • MedentiCAD wax-up base

    You manually model your abutment using the MedentiCAD wax-up base, and we produce it for you.

  • MedentiBASE abutment

    This allows you to fabricate a wide range of multi-unit, conventional or CADCAM bar and bridge restorations in the upper and lower jaws. You can choose between directly screw-retained bar and bridge restorations or bar and bridge restorations screw-retained with the aid of the MedentiBASE adhesive base for a passive-fit. MedentiBASE abutments are available in 5 different gingival heights.

  • MedentiBASE titanium base

    The MedentiBASE titanium base is available in the chimney height of 3.5 mm. It is suitable for adhesive retention of multi-unit bridges and bars, especially those fabricated using ceramic and resin materials. The original MEDENTIKA library is available for the digital construction.

  • MedentiBASE adhesive cap

    The MedentiBASE adhesive caps are available at heights of 3.0 mm (short) and 4.0 mm (long). They can be used to fabricate multi-unit, screw-retained bar and bridge restorations for a passive fit using metal materials. The original MEDENTIKA library is available for the digital construction.

  • MedentiBASE scanbody

    The MedentiBASE scanbody can be used for scanning and digitalising the model situation. The MedentiBASE library, which is required for the design of the framework, can of course be obtained from MEDENTIKA free of charge. This is currently available for 3Shape, Dental Wings and Exocad.

  • MedentiLOC abutments - straight and angled

    The economical alternative to the abutment of the market leader. The high precision MedentiLOC abutment is compatible with the Novaloc® matrix system. The MedentiLOC abutment is an alternative to the fixing of overdentures. The simple approach with the option of administering chairside treatment is an outstanding feature of the abutment. Angled MedentiLOC abutments allow divergences between implants to be properly compensated. MedentiLOC abutments are available in 5 different gingival heights.

  • Planning abutments

    Our planning abutments are available for all series. They are made from aluminium and are anodized in red for easier identification.



Titanium Base ASC Flex

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