International courses at IlAPEO  Dental School

A partnership for clinical excellence


We believe that clinical experience is the foundation for professionals to master their skills. Neodent has a strong partnership with Ilapeo, the Latin American Institute of Dental Research and Education, an internationally renowned center of excellence in research and continued education in dental clinical practice.

Since its founding in 2004, more than 3,000 professionals from around the world have been trained at IlAPEO with experienced professors and dedicated staff members that lead the doctors to a substantial experience for their professional life.

Main Benefits

  • Treatment Experience

    Get confidence through a comprehensive practical education including patient treatment.

  • Treatment Techniques

    Differentiate dental practice by offering patients the most advanced and convenient treatment technique such as immediacy.

  • Treatment options

    Increase the possibility of different treatments that you can offer to patients.

Professional training and continuing development in implant dentistry at IlAPEO