We are celebrating

Neodent® has many reasons to celebrate in 2023.


Bringing to the market new experiences and solutions, sharing global achievements, remembering its history and reinforcing its philosophy. Celebrating international presence and expanding educational tools.


Neodent will celebrate in 2023 everything that transformed it into a leading dental implant company in immediate treatment in
more than 80 countries and invites you to celebrate together!

Register now and celebrate with Neodent in Miami, October 20 - 21, 2023!

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We choose to celebrate a brand created by dentists, for dentists


We choose to celebrate leading the great transformations of the‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎implant market


We choose to celebrate a brand dedicated to its clients


Over the years, Neodent learned that celebrating is also a choice. Because as long as we exist, we will choose to do what we do best: Smiles.

The choices we make write our story
A long time ago, we chose to take care of smiles.
In partnership with thousands of dentists,
That, as Neodent,
Chose to transform lives
And they did.
Together, we have already given back the smile
to millions of people.
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Neodent is preparing new experiences for 2023

Digital content

for training and education

Product & Solutions tutorial videos, Clinical Cases and Webinars with Drs. worldwide.


World Tour

Dr. Geninho Thomé, Neodent’s founder and Matthias Schupp, Neodent’s CEO hit the road in 2023.
Traveling to the 5 continents bringing Neodent’s philosophy and celebrating it’s 30 years.

“I am proud to see how much we have grown over time since our foundation, in 1993, until our first ceramic implant system, in 2022. I just see reasons to smile. In 2015, with the full acquisition by Straumman Group, we started to spread our philosophy around the world and the gratitude to see Neodent present in over 80 countries with great results makes me happy and excited for the next years. My commitment is that Neodent keeps improving technology and solutions, with the purpose to enhance patients' life quality, in partnership with dedicated professionals, creating smiles every day. I would like to thank everybody who was been part of our history until now and I invite you to celebrate with us the evolution of implantology, technology, the dentistry market, esthetics, patients, and Neodent.”
Dr. Geninho Thomé
Scientific President of Neodent
“30 years of history that makes Neodent a company with a complete portfolio and the best innovative solutions for our costumers.
We built a legacy on quality and excellence, and today we are leading the way for the future of dentistry, being the most reliable and innovative partner for dentists all over the world.
The focus on our customers and the quality of our products is our passion, and with each passing year we expand our worldwide presence.
Our mission is to transform lives by creating new smiles every day.”


Matthias Schupp
CEO of Neodent & EVP Straumann Group LATAM