Neodent CM Alvim NeoPoros

Internal resorption of tooth 11

This Neodent clinical case by Dr. Gomes and Dr. Pinto features anterior single tooth implant treatment with immediate loading protocol.

About Pedro Gomes

Dr Pedro Gomes

Master em cirurgia oral e implantologia pela universidade Paul Sebatier de Toulouse

Pos Graduação teorica e pratica em implantologia RBI Neodent

Pos Graduação em restaurações estéticas aderidas pela shape dentistry academy



About Miguel Braga Pinto

Dr Miguel Braga Pinto

Mestre em Implantodontia pela Faculdade CPO São Leopoldo Mandic Campinas - SP – Brasil

Especialista em Periodontia HGeR Recife - PE – Brasil

Mestre em Reabilitação Oral ISCSN- Portugal





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Clinical Case - CM Alvim NeoPoros

CM Implant Line
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Initial situation


Female, 32 years old

Porto, Portugal 

Clinical situation

  • Internal resorption of tooth 11

Restorative solution

  • Extraction, followed by immediate implant placement, immediate loading with a provisional crown on a universal abutment and bone substitute material. The case used “one-abutment-one-time” concept and finalized with a metal-ceramic crown.