Neodent CM Drive Acqua

Dental fracture of tooth 21 and 22

This Neodent clinical case by Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Vallejo features anterior multiple tooth implant treatment with immediate loading protocol.

About Arantza Rodriguez

Dra Arantza Rodriguez

Oral Surgeon

Madrid, Spain

About José Vallejo

Dr José Vallejo

Aesthetics & Prosthodontics

Madrid, Spain

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Clinical Case - CM Drive Acqua

CM Implant Line
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Initial situation


  • M.M.
  • Female, 45
  • Madrid, Spain

Clinical situation

  • Dental fracture of tooth 21 and 22

Restorative solution

  • Extraction, followed by implant placement and immediate temporization with full prosthetic digital workflow using titanium coping and customized zirconia coping