Neodent CM Titamax Ex

Maxillary total edentulous patient

This Neodent clinical case by Dr. Ferreira features total edentulous patient treatment with immediate loading protocol.

Dr Edilson Ferreira

Dr Edilson Ferreira

Specialist in Implantology

MSc in Oral Reabilitation by Unimar

PhD in Implantology at USC/Bauru

Post-Doctor in Implantology UFSC

President of the Paranaense Society of Osseointegration

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Clinical Case - CM Titamax Ex

CM Implant Line
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Initial situation

Patient: Female, 55 years old

Surgery date: 13th March, 2014

Total treatment time: 2 weeks (considering treatment planning phase)

Local: IMPPAR, Londrina, Brazil

Clinical situation

  • Maxillary total edentulous patient with a Toronto bridge in the mandible over 4 Titamax CM implants;
  • Neodent guided surgery with the flapless placement of 5 Titamax EX implants (four of 3.5x11mm and two of 3.5x13mm), finalized under Immediate loading (placement toque of all implants: 45;

Restorative solution

  • Final restoration 2 days after the surgery (no necessity of temporary bridge)
  • Acrylic Toronto maxillary bridge with passive fit copings (one step hybrid)