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Outstanding Quality

One of the largest dental implant company worldwide. Available in over 40 countries.

25 years of history: More than two decades focused on enabling implant dentistry.

Clinical trust: + 45K dentists. One of the largest network of dental professionals.

Clinical success: More than 1.6 million implants sold per year.

Clinical proof: +250 studies


Meet Top Practitioners

Dr. John Matos

"Neodent Grand Morse implant is the single solution for all your implant needs. All you have to know is how to place this one implant anywhere, and you could restore anything."

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Dr. Riad Almasri

"My experience with Neodent has been amazing starting with the implant itself; what a great surface, design and versatility. The success rate in our centers has drastically increased by nearly eliminating the amount of bone loss that other implant companies will say is within normal limits."

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Dr. Corey Raymond

"The Grand Morse Connection and the Acqua Surface go hand in hand. I am very interested in surface chemistry and the Acqua Surface gives me predictable healing patterns and successful osseointegration of the implant."

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Founded by a dentist for dentists, with the purpose of changing the lives of more patients. Neodent’s outstanding product performance with a proven track record of clinical success as well ...

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NeoArch® offers immediate fixed full-arch solutions designed to improve patient satisfaction and quality of life by immediately restoring function and esthetics....

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Grand Morse

The Neodent® Grand Morse™ implant system is the achievement of 25 years of experiences in implant dentistry, and shared experiences with many clinicians worldwide. Continuing ...

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