Neodent® Neoarch® Immediate fixed full-arch solution

A unique purpose

Creating new smiles everyday.

Founded by a dentist for dentists, with the purpose of changing lives. Neodent® is the 2nd largest dental implant company in the world which offers outstanding product performance with a proven track record of clinical success. Neodent’s solutions focus on progressive treatment concepts, such as immediacy, which enables the advancement of dentistry and affordability to create new smiles every day.

  • 2nd largest dental implant company*

    Available over 40 countries

  • 25 years of history

    More than two decades focused on enabling implant dentistry

  • Clinical trust: 45K+ dentists

    One of the largest network of dental professionals

  • Clinical success

    1.6M+ implants sold per year

  • Clinical proof

    250+ studies

Neodent® NeoArch®

Immediate fixed full-arch solution

Increasing expectations for shortened treatment duration represent a significant challenge for dental professionals especially in patients with anatomical deficiencies. The Neodent® Implant System offers an optimized solution for immediate fixed treatment protocols in edentulous patients. It allows to significantly improve patient satisfaction and quality of live by immediately restoring function and esthetics (1).

Immediate function resulting in shorter treatment times

• Tilted posterior implants avoid the use of grafting procedures

• Optimized implant design to achieve high primary stability in all bone types

• The Neodent® hydrophilic surface, Acqua has been designed for immediate access of blood to the implant surface

Immediate natural esthetics with versatile restorative options

• A broad range of options of gingival height to cater to your patient’s needs

• 6 options for the straight abutment and 3 options each for the 17° and 30° angulated

Immediate peace of mind thanks to a stable foundation

• One connection regardless of the diameters

• Unique connection combining platform switching associated with a deep 16° Morse taper including an internal indexation

The next level of immediate fixed full-arch

The NeoArch® Grand Morse® combines Neodent’s® technologies designed to enhance immediate full-arch rehabilitation. The Grand Morse® stability, the Helix® versatility, the Acqua surface predictability, and optimized Mini Conical abutment shape all combined, maximize NeoArch® efficiency: one implant, one connection, one abutment.

Grand Morse® connection: a stable and strong foundation designed for long term success.

  • One prosthetic connection for all Grand Morse® Implants: ease of use.
  • 16º Morse Taper connection: designed to ensure a tight fit for an optimal connection seal.
  • Platform switching morse taper connection: fulfils the platform switching concept
  • Deep Morse taper connection: designed for optimal load distribution.
  • Internal Indexation: precise abutment positioning, protection against rotation and easy handling.


  • Angled Mini Conical Abutment: immediate natural-looking esthetics
  • Grand Morse® Helix®: unbeatable versatility
  • Acqua surface: high treatment predictability

Comprehensive restorative solutions: meet all patient expectations

Meet patient stability and comfort expectations thanks to comprehensive custom made milled frameworks for provisional or final restoration at the abutment level using a broad range of material and any workflows.

  • Straumann® CARES®/Createch Medical

    Milling center solution
    - Provisional fixed prosthesis
    - Final fixed prosthesis

  • Straumann® M series/Zirkonzahn M4

    In-house milling solution
    - Provisional fixed prosthesis
    - Final fixed prosthesis

  • Conventional manufacturing solution

    - Provisional fixed prosthesis
    Mini Conical temporary coping/Mini Conical distal bar coping

    - Final fixed prosthesis
    One Step Hybrid


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GM Drive Catalogue

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GM Helix Catalogue

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