CARES for Neodent®

Access to the efficient CARES solutions

Access to CARES expertise and to Neodent® Original Connection

Neodent® along with CARES provides to the customers freedom to achieve reliable, efficient and esthetic prosthetic solutions through a validated workflow handled by experts.

Product Solutions

  • Esthetic and design flexibility with customized abutment

The high design flexibility combined with the high standards of precision make our customized abutments an outstanding benefit for practitioners and dental technicians alike.
This solution is also available for CARES X-Stream workflow, receiving the customized abutment and the corresponding restoration delivered together.
  • An excellent solution for challenging and edentulous cases with CARES Screw-retained Bars and Bridges

CARES SRBBs consist of a broad range of design shapes and materials which allow to treat challenging cases also for edentulous situations on abutment level.
  • One-step prosthetic solution:
    1 scan, 1 design, 1 delivery

CARES X-Stream provides a full prosthetic solution, flexible in use, to restore Neodent® implants. With only one scan and one simultaneous and adaptive prosthetic element design, Titanium Bases and their relevant restoration crown are manufactured and arrive together in one delivery with an excellent fit between the components.
The GM Neodent Titanium bases are available for single-unit restoration with straight or angled screw channel solution.
Also, multi-unit restorations can be provided by CARES X-Stream workflow with the Neodent GM Titanium Bases for Bridges.

Customized Abutment

Screw Retained Bars and Bridges

Titanium Base + Coping/Crown

Connectivity and Services

  • CARES Scan & Shape for Neodent®

CARES Scan & Shape lets you benefit from the knowledge and experience of a highly trained team of CAD/CAM dental experts to provide a tailored design service. Customers can also take advantage of our scan and design services to complement their existing inlab workflow.
Without investing in any hardware and software, and without any specialized digital design knowledge required.

*CARES® Scan & Shape is available in some countries. Please contact your country sales representative for details.

  • Connectivity with CARES System or 3rd party CADCAM systems

Plug and play into your CARES Visual design software or your current Dental Wings and 3Shape software without having to invest in additional hardware. Eligible customers of Dental Wings and 3Shape from the selected countries have access to the CARES prosthetic portfolio.

*Please verify the software availability with your sales representative