IN 2022

The 10th Edition IN2022 (Latin American Congress on Osseointegration) took place in Brazil on September 15th and 17th, in São Paulo.

The Zi Ceramic Implant System was the biggest highlight of the 10th Edition IN2022 (Latin American Congress on Osseointegration), which took place in Brazil on September 15th and 17th, in São Paulo. All the representatives at the Neodent Booth were dressed in white to reinforce the solution aesthetic differential, which resembles natural teeth. The new implant has a new mindset in the implantology field by uniting flexibility, stability and esthetics.
The patients are pursuing more and more esthetics results and we were able to come up with a product that is beautiful and also has injected ceramic technology, which makes it possible to make a high quality implant with an innovative, complex and metal-free technology.” – Dr. Geninho Thomé -  President of the Neodent Directors Board
The Corporate Session kick-started the brand new Zi Ceramic Implant System, when the participants could learn about the solution in a expository lecture presented by Dr. Geninho Thomé, and also expand their knowledge through a round table composed of highly qualified professionals. The event filled the largest auditorium of the congress, with around 2.500 registrants! Besides that, a select group of 750 customers was invited to participate in the Zi Party, an incredible customer experience, with a show by one of the best Brazilian country music duos, Marcos & Belluti.
The highlight of the launch was the Neodent Corporate Session: a real show with orchestra, parkours performances and projection show. Both the Corporate Session and the Zi Party were a great success for the brand, promoted a unique customer relationship experience and strengthened even more the Zi launch, reinforcing the importance of this new system for the brand. All these efforts positively impacted Straumann Group’s brand recognition in one of the main implant dentistry congresses in Brazil.” – Guilherme Stray – Marketing Analyst
Neodent's participation at the IN Congress had a lot of attractions at the booth, such as the class schedule, Zi training, interactive experience spaces with VR glasses, and a Zi lounge. In total, more than 30 classes, with 7 live streams to several regions! One of the highlights was the Zi training, developed to train dentists to use the Zi in their daily clinical practice, we trained more than 300 new customers.
"After 2 years of not being able to meet face-to-face with colleagues, the return of face-to-face events would undoubtedly be very popular with dentists, but experiencing this at the IN Congress was incredible! Our booth was full during the whole time, customers were very satisfied with the classes and hands-on products.” – Ana Cardinal - marketing supervisor