Neodent at IDS 2023

Ceramic implant developed by Brazilian, Swiss and German teams will be featured at the International Dental Show, in Germany

The largest company in the sector in Brazil, Neodent participates in the event along with other brands of the Straumann Group and brings an arena for lectures and hands-on spaces of the Zi implant
Held every two years, the IDS - International Dental Show, the largest global dental fair, is back in 2023 with its 40th edition, in the city of Cologne, Germany. The event gathers the world's leading players of dental products and dental technology and takes place between March 14 and 18. In all, there will be 2,000 exhibitors from 65 countries, which will be able to show the news in a total space of 180 thousand square meters. 
The largest dental implant company in Brazil, Neodent participates once again in the fair with the Straumann Group, a global brand of which it is part. This year, the highlight will be the Zi (Neodent Ceramic Implant System). The ceramic implant is the result of a project developed over five years that involved researchers from three countries. “The presentation of the product at the event is significant, mainly because the development involved a team of professionals from Brazil, Switzerland and Germany, the country where the event will be held”, analyzes the CEO of Neodent and EVP of the Straumann Group in Latin America, Matthias Schupp. Germany is expected to become one of the main markets of the Zi.
In the stand of one thousand square meters of the Straumann Group, there are spaces for networking, a hands-on area and an arena focused on lectures. “Once again, we will be present with a large team in this event, which is of extreme importance to the dentistry sector. For five days, we will have the opportunity to show our knowledge and background to another 160 countries, from which the more than 160,000 visitors expected come, in addition to bringing so many other ideas and innovations to Brazil”, Matthias says.
Excellence Arena

In the first two days of the international fair, two Neodent talks are scheduled in the arena. The first of them, on March 14, on the Zi. Using ceramics in its production and with an aesthetic differential, the implant was created based on the demand of dentists and market trends. The presentation “How to achieve excellence in aesthetic cases with two-piece ceramic implants under immediate load?” will be at 1 p.m.  On March 15, at 11am, the program counts on the lecture “Sharing experience of more than 20 years of clinical success in immediate load”. An overview of the Grand Morse will be held in the presentation, released in 2017. Both will be held by the founder and current scientific President of Neodent, Geninho Thomé. For those who will not be present at the fair, the lectures will be broadcast live through this link.


Pioneering and constant expansion

Neodent was established in 1993 in the city of Curitiba, created by dentist Geninho Thomé, and was the pioneer in manufacturing quality implants in Brazil, with the goal of democratizing access to these treatments for Brazilian patients. In this edition of IDS, Neodent will also use the opportunity to celebrate its 30 years of operation and expansion into a global environment. Currently, the company is already present in 89 countries, bringing innovative solutions to the dental market. In 2023 it launched the “Celebrating is a choice” campaign, which marks the three decades of its foundation and the IDS was chosen as the launch event for the campaign in Europe.

About Neodent
Founded 30 years ago by a dentist and for dentists, Neodent aims to create new smiles every day. Leader in implants in Brazil and one of the largest companies in the world, Neodent offers a complete portfolio of direct, progressive and accessible dental solutions. It is responsible for the creation of original products, such as the Grand Morse and the Neodent Ceramic Implant System, among others that are present today in more than 80 countries. The purpose of the brand is part of the organizational culture and of the everyday life of its more than 2,000 employees, who are proud of working for the company. Innovation is also part of the company's DNA, as is the constant search for learning and growth.

Neodent, which is part of the Straumann Group (SIX: STMN), a global leader in dentistry, believes that the diversity, collaboration and continuous development of the employees are the key to success, and the success of the brand is due to its high-tech dental products and solutions, with excellent results, which allow thousands of people to smile.