Neodent Congress 2023

The Neodent Congress 2023 was an amazing event where it was possible to see the latest in the dentistry market and also the innovations to come.

Founded 30 years ago with the aim of improving people’s health and well-being and transforming lives, Neodent is responsible for democratizing dental implants in Brazil. Three decades later, after a lot of work, study, dedication and persistence, the company consolidates itself as one of the largest and best in the industry in the world. All this development was shown during the Neodent Congress, which took place between May 18 and 20 in Curitiba, city in the south region of Brazil and headquarters of Neodent.

During the Congress, Neodent also celebrated 30 years of operation and expansion to other markets. Currently, the company is present in 90 countries and has more than 2,600 employees, who help bring innovative solutions to the global dental market. This year, the company launched the campaign Celebrating is a Choice, which marks the beginning of the brand’s trajectory. “We have grown a lot in recent years and intend to continue expanding. Our main focus is to invest in innovation and in the development of solutions that have changed the global implant dentistry market over the years and that, depending on us, will continue to follow the same path. The ultimate goal is to improve people’s oral health,” says Neodent’s CEO and EVP of the Straumann Group in Latin America, Matthias Schupp.

Besides that, Geninho Thomé talked about the pride of having idealized a company that today is global and consecrates itself in the ranking of the largest in the world, emphasizing the importance of this project from the beginning. “I always say that the energy we exchange with the patient is above everything else. Our purpose has always been to serve people and, with a lot of work, today we have this with the so dreamed democratization in implant dentistry and, especially, in education, through Ilapeo”, he celebrated.

Thus, being a celebration of Neodent's 30 years in the market, the 6th Neodent Congress feature 89 classes, 50 hands-on sessions and 3 thousand participants from more than 40 countries over the three days. Immediate loading, ceramic implants, digital dentistry, advanced periodontics in implant dentistry and modern planning for smiles were the themes discussed in more than 110 hours of lectures and classes.

The sustainability and other Straumann Group brands could also be checked in the event. So, the participants were able to know more about the actions of Neodent Transforma, which brings together the company's initiatives focused on sustainability, in addition to other actions, as the Responsible Growth, for instance, contributing to the environment and socially.

ClearCorrect, a Straumann Group brand, were also highlighted at the event. It was the focus of the last day of the congress, on OrthoDay, a full day dedicated specifically to Orthodontics professionals, which will bring what is new in the area, uniting technology, innovation and aesthetics. Therefore, during the whole of Saturday, there were more than 40 hours in total, dedicated only to discussing issues such as the use of aligners in growing patients and treatment of complex cases with the aligner.