Zi Tour Colombia

Revolution in the Colombian market for the Neodent's first ceramic implant.

With a NEWHERE TOUR for 5 days and 5 different colombian cities and more than 450 attendees, Colombia launched the Zi Ceramic Implant System. The event was led by Dr. Sergio Bernardes (BR) and Dr. Carolina Olaya (CO), the introduction to this new system was addressed from science, engineering and clinical cases.
The Colombian team also prepared an entire experience around the ZI implant, adittional to the academic content, it was created interaction spaces with thematic games, 360° video camera, digital experience and social interaction.
The launch was a complete success, with a pre-sale strategy from marketing and the commitment of the commercial team, there was a sold out on the date of the event and a total sale of more than 180 ZI implants were generated during its first 2 weeks in the market. Colombia now has a community of dentists with a new mindset.
"We did a tour of the major cities in the country, with a great dentist membership, presenting Zi in a very efficient way, the local team had an excellent delivery of scientific material and in a social way with cocktails for the socialization of the participants."
Dr. Sergio Bernardes - New Prod Develop & Clin Practice.