Neodent CM Drive NeoPoros

Periodontal disease with bone loss 

This Neodent clinical case by Dr. Pintado features anterior multiple tooth implant treatment with immediate loading protocol.

About Enric Pintado

Dr Enric Pintado

Private practice in Manresa, Barcelona and Andorra
Graduated in dentistry in Universidad Odontologica Dominicana
Master in Implatology and Prosthodontics by NYU and Loma Linda University

Barcelona, Spain


Initial situation


Male, 63 years old

Barcelona, Spain

Clinical situation

  • Periodontal disease with bone loss and soft tissue retraction in anterior maxilla, teeth 12, 11, and 22. 

Restorative solution

  • Extractioin of tooth 12, 11 and 22, folowed by immediate implant placement in tooth 11. GBR and soft tissue grating are performed on the same day. Immediate temporization and final zironia ceramic bridge 6 months after surgery.