Neodent Facility

Agenesis of the upper right lateral incisor

This Neodent clinical case by Dr. Velloso features anterior single tooth implant treatment with immediate loading protocol.

Dr Glauco Velloso

Dr Glauco Velloso

Specialist in Periodontology UNESA/RJ; Specialist and MSc in Implantology UNIGRANRIO/RJ;

Professor at the Specialization course in Implantology SL Mandic/RJ;

Visiting Professor at the post graduation course in Implantology UFF/RJ.


Initial situation

Patient: Male - 35 years old

Surgery date: 12th June, 2014

Total treatment time: 1 month

Local: Instituto Carioca de Odontologia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Clinical situation

  • Agenesis of the upper right lateral incisor;
  • CT scan indicating about 5mm of bone at the buccal/palatal direction;
  • One Facility implant (2.9x10mm) was placed under Immediate loading (placement torque:;

Restorative solution

  • Temporary: Anatomical post for Facility of 2.5mm and acrylic temporary crown;
  • Final: Ceramic crowns with Digital Neodent zirconium coping 15 days after surgery; 
    Porcelain veneers composed the final dental esthetic;