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A stable and strong foundation designed for long term success.

The implant-abutment interface is crucial for a successful long term functional and esthetic result. The Neodent® Grand Morse™ connection offers a unique combination based on proven concepts: platform switching associated with a deep 16° Morse Taper including an internal indexation for a strong and stable connection designed to achieve long-lasting results.

1. Internal Indexation
Precise abutment positioning, protection against rotation and easy handling.

2. Platform Switching
Abutment design with a narrower diameter than the implant coronal area, enabling the platform switching concept(1-5).

3. Deep Connection
Allowing a large contact area between the abutment and the implant.

4. 16° Morse taper connection
Designed to ensure tight fit for an optimal connection sealing.

Experience, talent and determination
that results in confidence


Designed for predictable immediate treatments in all bone types

The increasing expectations for shortened treatment duration represent a significant challenge for dental professionals. The Neodent® Grand Morse™ system offers three implant designs all featuring the innovative Acqua hydrophilic surface designed to maximize primary stability and predictability in immediate protocols. 

Optimal implant portfolio designed to achieve high primary stability.

  • Helix™ Grand Morse™ is an innovative hybrid implant design maximizing treatment options and efficiency in all bone types;
  • Drive™ Grand Morse™ implant is a fully tapered implant developed to achieve high primary stability in challenging bone situations such as soft bone and extraction sockets;
  • Titamax™ Grand Morse™ is a cylindrical implant indicated for bone types I and II and allows for vertical placement flexibility.


Unbeatable versatility

All bone types


High primary stability
in challenging bone types

Bone types III & IV


Vertical placement flexibility

Bone types I & II

Determination that comes from stability

Acqua hydrophilic surface
designed for high treatment predictability

The Neodent® Acqua hydrophilic surface is the next level of the highly successful NeoPoros surface developed to achieve successful outcomes even in challenging situations, such as soft bone or immediate protocols.(6-9)

Surface Comparison
Lab generated image

Hydrophobic Surface

Hydrophilic Surface 

The hydrophilic surface presents a smaller contact angle when in contact with liquids.
This provides greater accessibility of organic fluids to the Acqua implant surface.(7)


Ease of use at its best

Implant therapy has become an integral part of clinical dentistry, with ever increasing numbers of patients seeking such treatment. The Neodent® Grand Morse™ Implant System is smartly engineered providing efficiency and simplicity within the dental treatment network for both surgical to restoratives steps.

One prosthetic platform

All Neodent® Grand Morse™ implants feature the unique Grand Morse™
  connection regardless of the implant diameter.

One screwdriver

The new Neo Screwdriver has a star attachment offering reliability and durability compatible with all Neodent® Grand Morse™ healing abutments and restorative screws.

One surgical kit

All Neodent® Grand Morse™ implants can be placed using the intuitive and functional surgical kit.

One Implant driver

The new Neodent® implant driver allows an easy and reliable implant pick up and placement.


Deliver immediate natural-looking esthetics

Nowadays, patients expect both short treatment times and esthetic results. The Neodent® Grand Morse™ restorative portfolio offers flexibility to simplify soft tissue management respecting the biological distances for achieving immediate function and esthetics. 

Next level of immediate fixed full-arch treatment

The new Neodent® Grand Morse™ Mini Conical abutment has been designed to improve fixed full-arch treatment by optimizing the abutment emergence profiles reducing the need of invasive procedures.
Peace of mind with the unlocking feature

Neodent® has developed a unique feature allowing a simple and reliable abutment removal for a user friendly experience

Comprehensive PROSTHETIC portfolio
for optimized esthetic results

The Neodent® Grand Morse™ implant system has a wide range of restorative options covering:

All indications:

single to edentulous 

All treatment protocols:

immediate to delayed loading 

All workflows:

conventional to digital


Unbeatable versatility

Enjoy more treatment flexibility for your patients to create the optimal tooth replacement outcomes for all indications, from single tooth to fully edentulous. The new Helix™ Grand Morse™ allows for tailored treatment options according to the specific clinical situation, taking into account the biological principles and with respect to the fundamentals of implant dentistry.

Hybrid dual tapered implant design for esthetic excellence

The new Helix™ Grand Morse™ is an innovative implant design combining a full dual tapered body design and a hybrid outer contour: cylindrical on coronal area and conical on the apical part. This allows for vertical implant placement flexibility in combination with under-preparation of the osteotomy helping to preserve important peri-implant bone structures in the crestal area which is an important prerequisite to optimize the outcomes in esthetic sites.
High primary stability even in challenging situations

The new Helix™ Grand Morse™ has a unique progressive dynamic thread design in combination with a small tip and flutes allowing immediate engagement. These features help to adapt the drilling sequence and primary stability to the clinical situations even in demanding cases, such as soft bone, fresh extraction sockets, converging root tips or to the treatment protocols with immediate implant placement and immediate loading.

Dynamic progressive
thread design

• Coronal : Trapezoidal > compressing

• Apex :  V-Shape > Self-tapping

» For high primary stability in all bone types

Fully tapered body design

• Coronal : 2° - 12°
• Apex : 16°

» Allowing under prepping of the osteotomy

Hybrid contour

• Coronal : Cylindrical
• Apex : Conical

» For stability with vertical placement flexibility

Active apex

• Soft rounded small tip
• Helical flutes

» Enabling immediate loading

Clinical Evidence

Surgical Manual


Prosthetics Manual

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