Titanium Base

Flexibility and quality for your lab

Neodent Ti Base

Designed for single unit milled Zirconium restorations, authentic Neodent Ti Bases are prosthetic components developed to ensure the integrity of the implant abutment connection(1,2,3).

1. Fit certified by Neodent

  • 100% original connection, ensuring better adaptation of the abutment/implant connection(1)
  • Designed to reduce the micromovements from masticatory loads
  • Screw included, offering economy and safety.

2. Flexibility for your needs

  • Wide range of gingival heights, that provide flexibility and respect the biological environment*
  • Designed to achieve an esthetic result

    *Indicates the use of CM Try in Kit

3. Accuracy in positioning the prosthetic structure

  • Cementable chimney portion of the Ti Base abutment features three tabs for proper indexing of the crown or coping
  • Confidence in cementing the prosthetic structure due to the wide contact surface, can eliminate the need for sand blasting the surface.


4. Neodent Scan Body Impression coping

Neodent Scanbodies can be used for scanning and digitization of the model.

  • Scan body raw material is fully scannable
  • Can eliminate the use of an opacifier spray to the process of scanning
  • Accuracy in determining the analog position
  • Easy handling


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