Alvim CM

Titamax HE EX Smart

Indicated for type-III and type-IV bone.

Its cylindrical-conical design and high bone-expansion thread pattern design mean it is indicated for type-III and type-IV bone, with the aim of achieving good levels of primary stability.

  • Safety

    Cone Morse Connection for crestal bone preservation and bacterial seal.

  • Stability

    Tapered body for high primary stability and immediate function protocols.

  • Bone types

    Universally suited for all bone types and indications - posterior and anterior.

  • Reduced complexity

    One prosthetic platform for simplicity and optimal soft tissue management.

  • Compact surgical kit

    Kit contains the tools and accessories required to place implants and related prosthetics.

  • Solutions

    Supporting digital workflows and guided surgery.    



Scientific Evidence - Peace of mind for you.  

Neodent implants delivered a 99.7% cumulative survival rate(1) in a retrospective study with 2,244 implants placed in 444 patients.


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