Women’s Implantology Network (WIN)

WIN – women taking over implant dentistry!

Party at the ITI World Symposium 2017 – May 4, 2017

In October 2016, female dentists from different, mainly European countries met in Zurich, Switzerland, for the 1st “Women in Dentistry” (WIN) workshop where they shared their views on female empowerment in dentistry in a workshop. 8 months later, this initiative has been extended to an international level and more than 60 women from all over the world met at the WIN party in Basel during the ITI World Symposium 2017.

About WIN – Women's Implantology Network

What is the Women’s Implantology Network (WIN)?

Although the number of women dentists graduating today is higher than men, statistics show that women are under-represented in implant dentistry. This applies to all areas and at all levels ( surgeons, speakers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), practice owners and leadership positions). This imbalance needs to be addressed and it starts with building a strong community of women who are active and successful in implant dentistry. Supported by Straumann's commitment to playing an active role in assisting this, WIN was formed in October 2016. The aim of this network is to connect international women  with different involvement and responsibilities (across the dental specialties, academia/private practice, with/without family, part-timers/full-timers etc.) who are willing to share their experience and knowledge. The hope is to inspire fellow women colleagues to enter implant dentistry and expand their skills. The diversity of energetic and successful women in WIN will enable it to address the imbalance in implant dentistry of men and women in the future. Go to www.straumann.com/win

A Straumann initiative to support women in dentistry to develop and become more visible

Statistics show that women are clearly underrepresented and less visible in implant dentistry – as surgeons, speakers, KOLs, practice owners, and in leadership positions. Based on these insights, Straumann has recognized that female dentists (on a global average, 57% of dental medicine graduates are women, with up to 70-85% in Northern European countries) need an institutionalized support for development in an environment where they can exchange, build networks, develop their skills, and gain more visibility in the field. On May 4 2017, the first day of the ITI World Symposium, more than 60 female dentists working in the field of implantology were invited by Straumann to the WIN party. Below you find some impressions from the event. 

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