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Join NUVO for an exclusive event for dental implant professionals!

Are you a leader? Are you a collaborator? Are you an influencer?

Are you ready to change how you practice dentistry and be on the leading edge of something new? Find out how you can shape the future of implant dentistry.

A Brand NUVO Day June 16, 2021 2:00 PM EDT

Join NUVOTM for an experience poised to bring you exclusive content that you can implement in your practice the next day. You’ll hear from:

  • •  Clinicians placing NUVO dental implants
  • •  Masters of service and marketing
  • •  An exclusive entertainer!

*This event is open to dental implant placing clinicians only.


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Join other NUVO dental implant users in the exclusive NUVO community to share best practices, learn from common experiences and stay in the NUVO know! Access to this exclusive complimentary community is only extended to NUVO users. And, you’ll be able to earn badges as you interact with other dental professionals. “Conversation Starter,” anyone?

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