Straumann® DenToGo™

Making clear aligner therapy more tenable.

Straumann is excited to announce DenToGo™, one of the world’s first mobile orthodontics monitoring solutions, which allows for more efficient patient scheduling, increased patient compliance, and personalized messaging. DenToGo™ helps you keep a close eye on your patients’ progress, with dynamic wear schedules, and helps improve patient compliance, while allowing dentists to schedule appointments more efficiently.

  • Efficient Scheduling

    DenToGo™ lets you keep a closer eye on your patients ClearCorrect treatment, so you can schedule appointments more efficiently. Your patients scan their teeth at home, and the DenToGo™ app will help you assess whether they're ready for the next step.

  • Increased Compliance

    The DenToGo™ app helps patients take a more active role in wearing their aligners, monitoring their progress, and working towards their goals.

  • Personalized Messages

    Personalized Message without additional chair time. Without renouncing the human approach your patients wants.

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Vitals Check

Patient Conversion Booster.

On the spot in-practice assessment of your patient’s oral health and treatment recommendations.

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Ortho Case Acceptance Booster.

Motivate patients with instant previews of how their smile will look during treatment and in the future.

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Technology enhanced Patient Engagement and Remote Treatment Monitoring.

Choosing DenToGo is like an extension of practice communication. Monitor and guide the treatment you prescribed and organize your team workflow.

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with cheeck retractor

Smile Guard

Support Post-Treatment Stability.

Monitor your patients to reduce the risk of relapse.

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