Straumann® Emdogain®

Orchestrating wound healing and oral regeneration

New milestones in oral tissue regeneration

After celebrating the 20th anniversary of Emdogain® since it was launched on the market in 1995, Straumann is now setting new milestones in the area of oral tissue regeneration by extending the use of Emdogain® to improve soft tissue wound healing in oral surgical procedures and dental implantation procedures in general.

What leading experts say

“Everybody who is creating a wound in the oral cavity, for instance in the context of conventional periodontal surgery, connective tissue harvesting, tooth extraction or even implant placement can use Emdogain® to improve early wound healing.”

Prof. Anton Sculean, Switzerland

“Emdogain® is a really unique protein mixture. It influences a number of different cells and a number of different processes. It really helps the wound healing and wound closure in the oral cavity.”

Prof. David Cochran, San Antonio/USA

Straumann® Emdogain® is one of the best documented products in oral tissue regeneration. Its excellent clinical tolerability1,2 has been demonstrated in over two million surgical applications. Emdogain® contains enamel matrix proteins (amelogenins). When applied to the wound, these proteins form an extracellular matrix that stimulates cells and processes that are fundamental for wound healing3. These properties make Emdogain® a unique solution to stimulate and accelerate the healing of wounds and regeneration of tissues.

New approved indication: the stimulation of soft tissue wound healing

From the earliest days of market experience it soon became evident that the proteins in Emdogain® have a broader biologic function and stimulate and modulate healing in a more general way. The ability to stimulate periodontal regeneration might only be a consequence of this broad biologic stimulation. Likewise, early clinical observations have indicated that the product has great potential to stimulate the wound healing of soft tissues. In 1999, the inventors of Emdogain® patented the use of enamel matrix derivative, the active principle in Emdogain®, as a wound healing agent. To date,  around 150 scientific publications and reviews have described the effect of enamel matrix derivatives on wound healing and soft tissue wound healing, and the unique properties to stimulate wound healing have led to the clinical establishment of a treatment to cure hard-to-heal wounds like diabetic foot ulcers with excellent clinical results. Recent scientific publications clearly demonstrate the potential of Emdogain® to induce faster reepithelialization, faster wound closure, faster resolution of inflammation and faster and extended blood vessel formation.

Distinguish your practice by meeting your patients’ requirements – adopt Emdogain® to achieve patient satisfaction

  • Oral surgeries always bear the risk of undesired suffering of your patients such as pain and swelling of the soft tissues or wound healing complications – Emdogain® can increase your patients’ tolerance of surgical interventions by reducing these unwanted side effects.
  • The goal of every surgical procedure around teeth or dental implants is to restore the natural soft tissue architecture and esthetics for your patient – Emdogain® supports the soft tissue build-up and formation of keratinized gingiva necessary to achieve pleasing esthetic results.
  • After any surgery, your patients suffer from discomfort and reduced quality of life – Emdogain® accelerates the healing process, which reduces the length and impact of surgery on your patients’ daily life.

Increase the quality of life for your patient by using Straumann® Emdogain®

Your primary goal is to create a functional and esthetically pleasing restoration for your patient. Unfortunately, surgical interventions used to achieve this always bear the risk of complications such as pain, swelling and discomfort. You can increase your patients’ acceptance and tolerance of oral surgery by:

  • Informing the patient about possible undesired effects of the procedure
  • Applying surgical techniques that reduce invasiveness
  • Using additional products to improve healing; reduce pain, swelling, the risk of infections and wound complications.

Note: Straumann launched the new application in April 2016, starting in Europe, with an official indication. The registration of this new indication in other countries outside Europe is currently ongoing. Since the product’s potential to stimulate wound healing is clearly documented, Straumann is committed to work with key opinion leaders and clinical experts to establish the new usage in key target indications, ranging from invasive to esthetic indications. Likewise, the combination of Emdogain® with existing products like the new Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant for esthetic and immediate indications, or with existing solutions like the Straumann® Pro Arch solution, will form the focus of our work to further improve these and other solutions for the benefit of our clinicians and patients. For availability information in your country contact your official Straumann representative.


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