Zerodonto/EFP Perio Contest 2018 supported by Straumann

The 3 finalists: Claudio Di Gioia, Teresa Chanting Sun, Michi Katafuchi/Armand Putra

Presentation of the cases in a dedicated session at the Europerio9

  • 1st Prize: Straumann® CARES® P SERIES 3D printer. The winning case report will be published on the ZERODONTO website.
  • Best 10 cases: The European Federation of Periodontology will publish the best 10 cases on its website.
  • 3 finalists: invitiation (badge and journey covered by the EFP) to the EuroPerio9 congress held June 20-23, 2018, in Amsterdam at which the opportunity is given to present the clinical case to the audience in a dedicated session.

Co-founder Dr. Fabio Cozzolino about the zerodonto project:

* Alternatively, all material can be sent to: