Straumann® n!ce®

Fully crystallized glass-ceramic. n!ce® to meet you.

Our newest innovation, Straumann® n!ce®, is a proprietary
glass-ceramic material that combines biocompatible and esthetic materials to create fully crystallized milling blocks for natural looking CAD/CAM restorations. n!ce saves time - no need for additional crystallization firing. Just mill, polish and seat.

  • Simplicity

    Mill – polish – seat! No further processing needed.

  • Efficiency

    No additional crystallization firing needed.

  • Esthetics

    With its smooth surface finish and margin lines, the milled element can simply be polished to achieve a high-gloss restoration and a natural looking for greater patient satisfaction.

  • Reliability

    High-quality, fully crystallized CADCAM material. 

  • Precision

    Precise fit combined with strength and longevity that feels comfortable and natural.

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CARES In-Lab Mills Brochure

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Straumann n!ce Step-by-Step

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