Straumann® Preventive Dentistry

Prevent. Restore. Enhance.

Available in the following greater metro areas

Chicago • Washington, DC • Boston • Philadelphia • Cleveland

Take a holistic approach with innovative solutions enabling preventive dentistry.

If given the option, we all prefer prevention over disease treatment. Thanks to new approaches in dental healthcare, dental professionals can give patients a choice. They can take a more holistic and patient-centric approach and offer cutting-edge solutions to prevent and restore tooth health and enhance esthetics. All this is possible with Preventive Dentistry from the Straumann Group.

  • Differentiate your practice

    Take a holistic, patient-centered approach and provide smart esthetic solutions.

  • Increase chair time value

    More treatment in less time with products that support your workflows.

  • Diversify your patient base

    Offer treatment options  for varied patient groups and cover new profiles.

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