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Straumann Virtuo Vivo™
Capture each note.

Straumann® Virtuo Vivo™
Rock your practice.

  • Scanning in real color
  • Increased field and depth of view
  • Small and light handpiece
  • Removable & autoclavable sleeves eliminate patient turn around time
  • Ease of handling

    Virtuo Vivo™ is ergonomically designed to provide a pen-grip hold and comfort to the user. Additionally, the Virtuo Vivo™ comes with removable sleeves that eliminate patient turnaround time. The sleeves can withstand sterilization in an autoclave for up to 250 cycles.

  • Unsurpassed scanning access

    Multiscan Imaging™ captures data from many angles simultaneously. This 3D scanning technology, packs the power of two miniaturized 3D scanners into small hand-held intraoral scanner. Virtuo Vivo™ provides real life color scanning which allows for a better communication between the dentist and the patient and easier margin line marking.

  • Gesture & voice control

    Wave goodbye to traditional touchscreen monitors. Motion control technology allows touch-free manipulation of the screen imagery while wearing gloves. Additionally you can use the air-mouse feature that enables movement of scan on the screen based on the tilt of the handpiece. 

  • Real-time digital results

    A luminescent ring on the handpiece and audible signals allow the user to have confirmation that the data is being acquired. Data quality can be validated in real-time as the software creates the 3D model. The data can then be sent immediately to an external service provider.

  • CARES® Connect

    CARES® Connect provides any member of the dental clinic team the ability to digitally send intraoral or impression scans to the laboratory of choice, and tracking tools will provide information on the status of the case.

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Virtuo Vivo™, the center of digital ecosystem

A complete integrated digital workflow: from scan to manufacture. Accurate, powder free scanning in real life colors is just a beginning of your digital journey. With Virtuo Vivo™ you have access to full digital ecosystem.

  • coDiagnostiX®

    More than implant planning software: a practice differentiator. Directly send the intraoral impressions from Virtuo Vivo™ to coDiagnostiX™ allows the planning and design of surgical guides in a seamless way.

  • CARES® Visual Chairside

    Transfer the files for chairside design of restorations with CARES® Visual Chairside. Color and accurate scans allow precise and user friendly design of restorations. Streamlined connection with C series chairside milling machine.

  • Connectivity

    With the open file format, you can send your digital impression directly to your lab partner via Straumann® CARES® Connect or direct STL or PLY export.

  • Orthodontics

    Virtuo Vivo™ provides seamless integration with ClearCorrect. Send your files directly to ClearCorrect for orthodontics treatment with clear aligners.

  • Design & production services

    You can also send the files for prosthetic design directly to Scan & Shape. Our team of highly skilled, digital dental technicians will prepare and produce the restoration in one of our centralizes production centers.

We are here to help you take every step on your digital journey.

Straumann® CARES® Digital solutions can set the stage for the future of your practice, with plug and play simplicity.

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