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Extraordinary team wins the South Africa ITI2019 poster competition with a challenging Straumann® Pro Arch case

25. Sep 2019 Solutions for edentulous patients

Issue No. 4/2019

19. Jul 2019 Science

Ep. 2: Patient Experience and Patient Advocacy

15. Apr 2019 Enablement and education

Florian Stelzle: “The BLX is a very smartly-designed implant”

16. Mar 2019

Your trip to Amsterdam to the 2nd European Young Professional Summit

08. Mar 2019 Local news

Looking for a stimulating educational weekend?

29. Nov 2018 Local news

„Believe in your dream. Be determined – because, yes, you can!“

22. Jun 2018 Enablement and education

„Its abilities in angiogenesis and woundhealing makes Emdogain very interesting for a combination with a non-surgical periondontal therapy“

22. Jun 2018 Enablement and education

„You do get inspired by other people’s story“

22. Jun 2018 Enablement and education

"For Emdogain Flapless, the preliminary results are very encouraging“

22. Jun 2018 Enablement and education

„I cannot speak about periodontal regeneration without the use of amelogenins“

21. Jun 2018 Enablement and education

„One bone substitute for all cases is not appropriate“

21. Jun 2018 Enablement and education

The 3 finalists: Claudio Di Gioia, Teresa Chanting Sun, Michi Katafuchi/Armand Putra

04. Jun 2018 Enablement and education

WIN Brazil – the network is growing worldwide

09. May 2018 WIN

André Schroeder Research Prize 2018 goes to PD Dr. Chappuis and Dr. Ui-Won Jung

07. May 2018 Enablement and education

Rehabilitation of the edentulous maxilla with four immediately loaded implants

19. Apr 2018 Solutions for edentulous patients

Because a dental office is a fun place!

19. Apr 2018 WIN

Guided surgery in combination with cerabone® and Jason® membrane in challenging esthetic cases

09. Apr 2018 Bone Level Implant line

Issue No.2 / 2018

02. Apr 2018 Science

#periocontest2018 – call for clinical case reports

01. Apr 2018 Enablement and education

Icelandic Education Week in Reykjavik, Iceland

19. Mar 2018 Enablement and education

Fully edentulous treatment with digital planning and guided surgery to achieve the optimum restoratively driven outcome

15. Mar 2018 Solutions for edentulous patients

The social factors of implant therapy

11. Mar 2018 Enablement and education

Ceramic implants in esthetic cases: a new clinical possibility

01. Mar 2018 Ceramic implants

Cementation Aid for Straumann® Variobase® for Bridge/Bar Cylindrical

01. Mar 2018 Prosthetic efficiency

Single tooth restoration in the esthetic zone with the Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant Monotype

28. Feb 2018 Ceramic implants

Study: Clinical performance of Straumann® PURE® Ceramic Monotype implants

27. Feb 2018 Ceramic implants

Issue No.1 / 2018

27. Feb 2018 Science

Reliability, endurance, low maintenance and high patient comfort

26. Feb 2018 Solutions for edentulous patients

Restoration of a 3D bony defect in region 46 with pre-fabricated allograft bone rings and simultaneous implantation

23. Feb 2018 Bone substitutes

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