Straumann® CARES® Screw-Retained Bars & Bridges

Bridging the Gap Between Original and
Multi-Platform Systems.

Products indicated with ® are registered brand names of respective manufacturers.

Straumann® CARES® now provides dental professionals with bars and bridges compatible with other major implant systems, offering the expected flexibility of a comprehensive multi-platform solution and the quality and customer experience Straumann is known for. You now have the best of both worlds: Straumann quality and precision in combination with the versatility of a comprehensive portfolio for edentulous cases on most major implant systems from a commercial partner you can trust.

  • Efficiency

    One stop shop provides increased restorative efficiency for the customers.

  • Flexibility

    Restorative flexibility for customers who can choose from multiple design options and implant interfaces.

  • Quality

    The customers can now benefit from the Straumann® quality on MPS cases.

  • Simplicity

    Reduce complexity and the need to migrate between different systems.

  • Productivity

    Increase accuracy and daily unit production, reduce milling times.

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