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Dental practices fight for availability of clinical hours and resources to improve performance of their practice and meet revenue and clinical excellence targets. The practice management software is the central nervous system of the dental practice, equipped with the admin, clinical and data toolkit to ensure continuous operations.

Experience the difference of how your DSO or private dental practice performs using CareStack, the all-in-one cloud dental practice management software, enabling you to achieve operational efficiencies, clinical excellence, and growth.

Drive results for your dental organization

Discover the productivity and profit growth as well as the cost savings enabled by CareStack within 3 years of implementation:

307% return on PMS investment over 3 years with a payback period of less than 6-months.



Payback period of


Fill your schedules, optimize revenues, and consolidate systems.

Total benefits of 

$1.70 million

Net present value of

$1.28 Million

Enable faster collections and significantly boost production.

Days sales outstanding reduced by


by third year

Production increased by


by third year

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Source: A commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Straumann, October 2023. Results are based on a composite organization representative of interviewed customers, assumed to have 10 locations, over three years.

Plum Dental Customer Story

Dan Katz, Plum Dental's CEO, shares the success story of CareStack for his Dental Partnership Organization (DPO), empowering them to unlock efficiencies of their operations.

How did CareStack help?

CareStack has enabled Plum Dental to unlock efficiencies of operations and workflows with the help of real time analytics.

Dan Katz highlights the user-friendly interface of CareStack compared to Dentrix, the on-premise software used before switching to CareStack, its clinically rich user interface as well as its powerful analytics capabilities, empowering efficiencies in collections, reimbursement, and overall productivity of the practice. CareStack has helped Plum Dental save money and time to deliver the objectives of a high-performing Dental Partnership Organization.

More on Plum Dental

Plum Dental is a DPO or DSO owned by its founder and partner dentists. With over 20 locations in RI and eastern CT, the group provides comprehensive and compassionate general, specialty and cosmetic dental care to over 50,000 patients annually. Plum's model is centered around dentist partners, empowering them to practice quality dentistry and prioritize patient care. Plum Dental's trusted and experienced support team enables their affiliated dentists to achieve their clinical, professional, and financial aspirations without the administrative burdens of managing a dental practice. Plum’s deep commitment to every employee includes investments in continuing education, training, and the latest clinical and information technology. Plum Dental is named a 2021 Top Workplace in Rhode Island by The Boston Globe.


  • Sustain clinical excellence: Treatment plans

    Finding it difficult to put together an accurate and trackable treatment plan? CareStack provides a clinically rich interface to develop consistent and comprehensive patient treatment plans, with certain features carefully tailored to surgery dental practices.

    TLC Dental, a 5+ location multi-practice DSO in the US: "Converting to CareStack reduced our treatment planning time from 20 min to 2 min."

  • Sustain clinical excellence: Marketing and 3rd party vendors

    Spending extra on 3rd vendor solutions you would want to get rid of? CareStack is your marketing partner for consistent patient communication and personalized campaigns with a proven ROI, limiting the need of 3rd party vendors.

    Plum Dental Group, a dentist-owned group practice with 20+ locations in RI and eastern CT, US: "With CareStack we centralized all our patient communication in one place."

  • Sustain clinical excellence: Specialty focus

    Managing specialties with multiple software across locations? Utilize the CareStack dedicated oral specialty modules with Straumann as your oral health consultant.

    Paradigm Oral Health, a specialty DSO with 70+ locations in the US: "We are interested in technologies that can improve both clinical care and the patient experience. CareStack is structured in such a smart way."

  • Improve operational efficiency: Centralized system

    Using multiple websites/portals/vendors, making running your business inefficient? Access CareStack all-in-one centralized automated system from anywhere.

    Paradigm Oral Health, a specialty DSO with 70+ locations in the US: "From an efficiency perspective, CareStack should enable a significant increase in quality and productivity across our entire platform, and dramatically reduce our IT expenses."

  • Improve operational efficiency: RCM

    Tired of chasing after your patients for their copay? Unlock the full revenue potential of a dental practice through CareStack’s powerful revenue cycle management and billing.

    Element Dental, supporting more than 220 individual dental offices in 17 US states: "CareStack enabled us to increase collections by +30% without adding a single person to the team."

  • Improve operational efficiency: Insurance claims

    Taking too long to enter an insurance claim and balance the accounts? Enable efficient insurance claims through automation all staying in the same platform.

    Dental Depot, a 30+ multi-specialty US dental practice chain: "CareStack helped us decrease AR by -30% and increase net collections after 3 months."

  • Improve operational efficiency: Scheduling

    Finding it difficult to keep your schedule full and profitable? With CareStack’s all-in-one cloud practice management software, everything is managed in one platform, streamlining the patient journey from beginning to end.

    Plum Dental Group, a dentist-owned group practice with 20+ locations in RI and eastern CT, US: "If a scheduled appointment bombed out, prior to CareStack, we had no great way of knowing the changes nor the attempts that somebody took in order to fill it."

  • Activate growth potential: Real-time analytics

    Wanting real-time access to business-critical data, dashboards, and reports? With CareStack’s powerful and customized real-time analytics, dental practices attain the data visibility and accuracy needed to steer practice performance.

    Espire Dental, a multi-location US DSO with 25+ locations: "CareStack providing an enterprise dashboard with customizable reports was the key reason we switched to CareStack."

  • Activate growth potential: Trainings

    Finding training new staff difficult, expensive and time consuming? CareStack’s online custom training modules help to onboard new employees and keep them up to date with latest releases.

    Arrowhead Dental Associates, a specialty dental practice: "CareStack has completely changed how we train new team members."

A Trusted Straumann Partner

Straumann has partnered with CareStack to revolutionize the standard of managing a dental practice.

CareStack is an award-winning cloud-based practice management software trusted by 1,500+ dental practices to streamline their operations.

To know more about the CareStack customers, visit the CareStack partner webpage
All-In-One Dental Practice Management Software | CareStack®

Arrowhead Customer Story

Elaine Ricci, Arrowhead Dental Associates' Director of Restorative, and Sarah Giorno, Director of Administration, share their positive experience with CareStack enabling them to revolutionize their existing clinical workflow. 

How did CareStack help?

CareStack helped Arrowhead by making the practice more efficient with the ease of technology. Arrowhead recognizes CareStack’s value in facilitating customer communications, taking payments, reviewing x-rays, and doing charting, and producing and printing out treatment plans. CareStack provides an unparallel experience to customers for them to better understand their treatment and financial plans, equipping patients with more awareness that leads into increased patient satisfaction. The automated process to produce treatment plans saves productive time to team members and makes training new team members easier.

More on Arrowhead Dental Associates

Established in 1978, Arrowhead Dental Associates delivers exceptional and comprehensive dental care out of South County, Rhode Island, for over 40 years. As an all-inclusive practice, Arrowhead treats dental needs in one location using modern dental technology with a highly trained team of doctors, hygienists, assistants, and specialists. Arrowhead provides clinical excellence with the belief they will become the premier dentist of choice for family and friends in Charlestown, RI.

Arrowhead Dental Associates is voted Best Dental Practice in Rhode Island, and has received the following awards:

  • Best Dental Practice in Rhode Island – The Providence Journal (2017 – 2018 – 2019 – 2021)
  • Best Dental Practice – The Westerly Sun (2017 – 2018 – 2019 – 2020 – 2021)
  • Best Dental Practice – SRI Newspapers (2017 – 2018 – 2019 – 2020 – 2021)
  • RI Monthly Top Dentist Recipients


During implementation of CareStack, the dental practice team works closely with CareStack's implementation and customer success team to ensure a seamless transition and maximum utilization of the software's features.

Espire Dental, a multi-location US DSO with 25+ locations: “Changing PMS is not a fun activity a dental practice would like to make often. But having Straumann a long-term partner in this journey provided the confidence and security our organization needed to make this conversion investment to CareStack”.

TLC dental customer story

Sasha Tapie, TLC Dental’s CEO, shares how CareStack revolutionized his Dental Service Organization, resulting into improved operational efficiencies and clinical excellence.

How did CareStack help?

TLC Dental managed to access their data from anywhere, and in this way to achieve operational efficiencies that enabled better patient care. Sasha Tapie highly values CareStack’s clinically rich user-friendly interface, as well as the richness of analytics and their predictive ability, leading to stronger decision making for his DSO. CareStack has assisted TLC Dental to save money and time with the use of technology, and further grow its dental organization.

More on TLC Dental

The experienced doctors and team members of TLC Dental are committed to enhancing the quality of life while restoring self-assurance, rebuilding confident smiles, and encouraging both dental and medical wellness. Delivering friendly family dentistry in a gentle, caring and safe environment, TLC Dental philosophy pledges. A standard of excellence in personalized dental care enables TLC Dental to provide the quality dental services. Quality Assurance systems are in place allowing for the highest predictability in care. TLC Dental provides comprehensive treatment planning and use restorative and cosmetic dentistry to achieve optimal dental health.

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