Straumann® Emdogain® FL

Periodontal regenerative therapy as easy and convenient as it can be

Easier than ever

With Emdogain® FL we have made periodontal regeneration easier than ever before. Discover how it can improve the clinical, economic and patient aspects of your periodontal procedures. Contact us to learn more about Emdogain® FL.

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Emdogain® FL Seamlessly different

Emdogain® FL can be seamlessly integrated into flapless periodontal debridement procedures to eliminate pockets more efficiently1 and as effective2 as periodontal surgery2 whilst increasing patient comfort3, 4. Contact us to learn more about Emdogain® FL.

Make Flapless periodontal regenerative therapy work for you!

Emdogain® FL allows to regenerate periodontal pockets as part of flapless procedures5,6. It can help to control the patient flow into your dental practice. In the hands of GPs and dental hygienists it can be a powerful tool to render patient workflows more efficiently and to optimize the per hour revenue in your dental practice significantly. Contact us to learn more on how to differentiate your practice with Emdogain® FL today.

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