#Digital 20. May 2020

Every device we produce can potentially save a life

Magma Center nearby Naples/Italy joins fight against COVID19

In March 2020 Antonino Scala and Ottavio di Somma, the owners of Magma Center, a dental lab with long experience in digital dentistry and 3D printing located in Castellammare di Stabia, decided to support the fight against COVID19 by printing 3D parts for respiratory masks.

The idea was to use their Straumann CARES P40 printer to produce so called "charlotte valves" that could be connected to full face Decathlon snorkeling masks and thus transform these into breathing devices for the ventilation support of COVID19 patients.

Antonio and Ottavio heard of a company based in Brescia, one of the provinces most hit by COVID 19 in Italy, that had developed a stl file for printing “charlotte valves” and decided to join the open community of lab makers of that company to support the production of valves.

In early April they delivered the first valves to Naples located hospital “Ospedale del Mare” and right after that Magma Center was recognized as official manufacturer for this kind of devices by the municipality of Naples.

After passing the quality control and approval process of the health authority task force that manages the fight against COVID19 in Naples, Magma Center started to manufacture “charlotte valves” for two other hospitals: Fatebenefratelli in Naples and San Leonardo in Salerno.

Magma center manufactures the valves using the Straumann resin P Pro Surgical Guide that guarantees biocompatibility, stability during time and the possibility to be autoclaved.

Antonino and Ottavio decided to join the fight against COVID19 because they say: “we think that every device we produce can potentially save a life, this gratifies us more than anything else”.