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12 webinars on full-arch treatment (Part 2)

We are presenting a range of exciting webinars from top experts all over the world covering a variety of full-arch topics: digital and analog workflows, immediate and delayed protocols, restorative options, different implant types and science in the edentulous field.

Part 1: click here

1. Digital Innovations in Full-Arch Fixed Implant Rehabilitation

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the various applications of digital technology in full-arch fixed implant rehabilitation
  • Discuss the scientific evidence for the applications of digital technology in full-arch fixed implant rehabilitation
  • Illustrate step-by-step clinical protocols for the complete digital workflow, from impression to final rehabilitation for edentulous patients
  • Highlight key elements for bridging the gap between conventional and digital workflow in full-arch fixed implant rehabilitation

Speaker: Dr Panos Papaspyridakos

2. Essential decision factors for temporary and final full-arch restorations

This webinar will comprehensively discuss the critical factors regarding the material and execution mode selection for the fixed full-arch restoration. Learning objectives:

  • Discuss decision factors regarding material choice and type
  • Introduce the prosthodontic driven treatment and clinical cases demonstrating different restorations, their benefits, and drawbacks
  • Describe costs: short and long term. Necessity for and importance of maintenance.
  • Highlight the available science on final prosthesis types

Speaker: Prof André Chen

3. Short implants in the immediate full arch restorations using a digital workflow

The learning objective of this webinar is to introduce the audience to the following essential topics related to this treatment option:

  • Indications for short implants as part of the full-arch treatment approach
  • Advantages compared to alternative therapeutic and restorative strategies
  • Short implants as part of modern, fully direct digital workflows
  • Overview of the scientific background supporting the use of short implants
  • Aspects of modern implant design concepts supporting the use of short implants in full-arch rehabilitations

Speaker: Dr. Barbara Sobczak

4. Atrophic full-arch situations and tools for their graftless immediate treatment

Our learning objective is to present a patient-centered approach to the treatment of atrophic full-arch situations:

  • Indications for the use of different implant solutions depending on the patient’s clinical situation
  • Comparison of different treatment options
  • Advantages of graftless and immediate loading
  • Prosthetic options

Speaker: Dr Sepehr Zarrine

5. Advances in Contemporary Digital Dentistry and Guided Surgery

Learning objectives:

  • Describe advances in intraoral scanning
  • Describe how we can utilize digital technology to differentiate our practice from our competitors
  • Describe how we can utilize guided surgery to make communication between the team more accurate and efficient
  • Describe how guided surgery can make more treatments better for the patient by increasing precision and accuracy.

Speaker: Dr Ryan Lewis

6. Patient-Centered Care in Implant Dentistry

In this talk, Professor Feine will share videos and discuss issues facing edentulous denture-wearing patients, along with their preferences and experiences with implant treatment. She will also describe specific concerns that many older adults have about agreeing to receive implants to retain/support their dentures. Throughout the talk, Professor Feine will share how her experiences as a female have shaped her perceptions and approaches to evidence-based patient care in implantology.

Participants will appreciate the importance of patient preferences in the planning and success of implant treatment.

Speaker: Prof. Jocelyne Feine

7. Full-Arch Digital Planning Protocol…The Ultimate Equalizer in Interdisciplinary Implant Therapy

Learning objectives:

  • Review the perspective of each one of the treating team’s members to understand their goals and concerns related to therapy.
  • Review a comprehensive treatment planning algorithm.
  • Review the “Smile in a Box” treatment concept for patients requiring full-arch implant supported solutions as a viable alternative for practice growth.

Speaker: Dr Ricardo Mitrani

Speaker: Dr Jack Goldberg

8. Full-Arch Digital Workflow Using Centralized Services

Learning objectives:

  • To recognize factors of significance in the assessment of patients for CBCT guided placement and loading of implants.
  • Become familiar with the varying template designs for the placement of implants in single and full-arch situations.
  • Understand techniques involved with immediate loading of implants for a single and full-arch fixed prosthesis.

Speaker: Dr Luis Gonzaga

9. Introduction to the immediate full-arch treatment with the Straumann® Pro Arch

Our learning objective is to introduce you to the immediate full-arch treatment and some essential topics related to this treatment option:

  • Indications for use and suitability.
  • Immediate loading.
  • Prosthetic options.
  • Treatment workflow and team approach.
  • Full-arch maintenance and hygiene.
  • Potential issues and post-treatment outcome.

Speaker: Dr Alfonso Rao

Speaker: Dr Dipesh Kothari

10. Abutment and Material Selection in Edentulous Patients

Learning Objectives:

  • Prosthetic planning for edentulous patients
  • Identification of various implant abutments
  • Selection of prosthetic materials
  • Describing the methods for combining the implant abutments with prosthetic materials

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Banu Karayazgan

11. Edentulous reconstruction options: BLX, the implant for Immediate full-arch reconstruction

Learning objectives:

1. Individualized planning of edentulous reconstructions
2. Achieving primary stability with Straumann® BLX implant in different bone situations
3. Biological feedback from implant preparation is key to success 4. Planning by the full treatment team before treatment

Speaker: Dr. Louwrens Swart

12. Digital workflows in terminal dentition cases COMING SOON

Learning objectives:

  • Understand where we draw the line in terminal dentition cases (extract vs. maintain) 
  • Understand the digital workflows in terminal dentition case
  • Understand the advantages of digital technology in full-arch implant rehabilitations

Speaker: Dr Panos Papaspyridakos

Speaker: Dr. Konstantinos Chochlidakis

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